Student for a day

Are you interested in technology and geology and curious about the Applied Earth Sciences study programme? Would you like to explore your choice of study a little further and find out what it is like to attend lectures?

Come along to the Applied Earth Sciences 'Student for a day' to find out what life as a student here is like! A student will take you to various lectures and show you the faculty. This gives you an opportunity to sample the atmosphere for yourself and gain an impression of the courses that students take. You will also find out about life as a student, the faculty and the lecturers.


The first-year courses you will visit vary per quarter:

Period 1
Mathematics 1 (This is a continuation of secondary-school maths)
Geology 1 (Geological Maps, Mineralogy and General Geology) 
Probability and Statistics
Grand Challenges and Applied Earth Sciences

Period 2
Mathematics 1 (This is a continuation of secondary-school maths)
Probability and Statistics
Introduction to Chemistry (Review of secondary-school chemistry)
Grand Challenges and Applied Earth Sciences

Period 3
Mathematics 2 (Linear algebra)
Mechanics 1 (Continuation of secondary-school physics)
Geology 2 (Geology of North-West Europe, and Rock Recognition) 

Period 4
Geology 3 (General Geology, on geological systems)
Methodology of Geophysics and Remote Sensing
Electricity and Magnetism

Depending on the timetable, the student may also take you to a second-year course.

The programme lasts from 08.30 till 14.30.

Due to the Governmental expansion of the measures against the spread of the coronavirus, the ‘student-for-a-day’ activities are temporarily cancelled until 31 March 2020. When new dates are planned, they will appear on this page. Until then, we would like to refer you to our online module to experience the Bachelor programmes.

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If you have any questions about Student for a day please contact: