From application to enrolment

First of all, you must submit an application for your chosen degree programme via Studielink. For applicants with a non-Dutch (international) diploma the application deadline of 1 April will be maintained, no postponement can be granted and incomplete applications cannot be processed.

For applicants with a Dutch diploma

  • The application deadline for bachelor programmes with mandatory matching activities (Applies Physics and Electrical Engineering) is 1 May.
  • For non-numerus fixus programmes and voluntary matching activities, you ae able to apply until 1 September. However, if you would like to particpate in the matching activities, you have to apply before 1 May. 

You will be officially enrolled once you have fulfilled the admission requirements for the degree programme, and when the digital authorisation for the payment of your tuition fees has been processed. You will then receive a notice of enrolment. 
More information about enrolment

Follow this roadmap if you have a Dutch diploma:

Will you obtain an International Secondary School diploma in the Netherlands or abroad? Follow the step-by-step plan: