Cindy Dubbeld

Cindy Dubbeld
BSc-student Applied Earth Sciences

Why did you choose Applied Earth Sciences?
I chose to do this study because I wanted to do something applied and technical. In high school I really enjoyed geology, so all together Applied Earth Sciences really seemed like a good choice for me. TU Delft was also really closed to where I lived, so that was really convenient as well.

What do you want to become?
I do not know exactly what I want to become, but I am mostly interested in environmental problems. I am not really focused on what I want to become, but more on the study at the moment and I will see where I end up. I do would like to work abroad for a couple of years.

I think the biggest challenge is the level of the courses. For me it is very important to stay on track with the homework, go to the lectures and be focussed in the weeks before the exams. But you also gain a lot from being challenged and for me the hard work is absolutely worth it.

My passion is sports, I have done a lot of different sports and I am always excited to learn a new one. I also really like to travel. In the summer vacation I usually do a road trip and visit a lot of new cities and places.