Fien Louwerse

Fien Louwerse
BSc-student Applied Earth Sciences

Why did you choose Applied Earth Sciences?
A day on a river in Ethiopia was the day I decided to study Applied Earth Sciences: there was a rusty boat with people in long, white coats working with old, rusty instruments on the boat. They studied the environment, the underground and the water stream. The men in long, white coats wanted to improve the living conditions of the surrounding villages. I wanted to be on that boat as well, wearing the long, white coat! When I got home in Holland, I googled studies which dealt with the earth, extracting materials from the earth and was also water related. I ended up with AES!

I always enjoy being busy; I like organizing events or other things for, for example, the student association or the rowing association of which I am a member.

I think getting my bachelor degree is my biggest challenge, as well as combining studying with student life. But it is going great so far.

What do you want to become?
I have never seriously thought about what I want to become. At the moment I am still even not sure which Master track I want to follow after my bachelor. At the moment I am thinking of Remote Sensing, but that might change within a half year

Fun to know
I failed English at high school, never scoring higher than a five. It almost stopped me from choosing Applied Earth Sciences, but I was convinced by the student advisors to just go for it. I think I improved my English within one month; I don’t see speaking (or reading) English as a stumbling block anymore.