Javi Velasco

Javi Velasco
BSc-student Applied Earth Sciences

Why did you select Applied Earth Sciences?
When I was a kid I always felt attracted to very long tunnels or very large bridges and wondered how this could actually exist in our world. It was something that really shocked me as a kid, how could a bridge hold these long roads that we see when driving or how could the pillars of a car park handle so much weight.

In school I always enjoyed physics, mathematics and geology. Since I can choose my own subjects in school I have done all of them. It is something due to my desire to have the answer to all those questions that I had as a kid.

After a long time of hard work, it is very gratifying as an adult to fully understand these mysteries that I once had as a kid.

I enjoy playing sports. Since I was 3 years old I have been playing football, it is my favourite sport. I also enjoy to spend my free time with my friends and go to parties, in my opinion it is a nice way to relax and switch off my mind from the assignments and exams of the university.

I moved to the Netherlands a year ago and I am still adapting to the life here. My main challenge is to obtain my degree and at the same time play sports and spend time with my friends and family.

What do I want to become?
In the future I would like to become an engineer and work in different projects all over the world.

Fun to know
Before coming to the Netherlands I was living in New Zealand and I was going to do my degree there, I even applied for different universities but my dad found a job in the Netherlands and me and my family had to move with him.