Come and see for yourself

In order to get to know the department and degree programme properly, it is important to come and see for yourself. We offer a range of information activities that are designed to help you choose the right programme. These are orientational and/or in-depth activities. By paying us a visit you can experience the atmosphere at the department for yourself, and meet students and lecturers.

Open days and Online Q&A Events

Are you interested in a specific degree progamme and do you want to know more about this degree programme? Or are you in doubt between two programmes? Then come to the Open Days.

For more information, visit Open Days and Q&A Events.


Pre-university programme
Are you in year 5 or 6 of pre-university education and looking for extra challenge? If so, then perhaps the Pre-university programme is something for you! The intensive theme course ‘Mathematical Modeling’ is designed to give talented mathematics pupils a great opportunity to become acquainted with an unusual subject related to mathematics. Lecturers Dennis van den Ouden-van der Horst en Bart van den Dries have developed a tough mathematics course that provides a real challenge to pre-university students who are interested in mathematics.

Active Mathematics
If you are in year 5 or 6 of pre-university education and are interested in the Computer Science and Engineering degree programme, come along to TU Delft for four afternoons in March and/or April for the Wiskunde Actief (Active Mathematics) master classes. In four afternoons, you will become acquainted with a mathematical subject, such as ‘Slides: the top speed of gravity’ or ‘Introduction to cryptography: a public secret language’.

Online Introduction to your study
Would you like to study Computer Science and Engineering at TU Delft? With online introduction, you can experience what it is like. The course takes three weeks with about two hours of studying per week. You will attend short online lectures and work on assignments while being supervised online by a student.

Student for a Day
If you are in year 5 or 6 of pre-university education, why not get acquainted with the degree programme in real-time? You will spend a day literally shadowing a first-year student. You will attend a lecture, take part in the laboratory course or a project, get to see the faculty, eat in the cafeteria and visit the study association. You can take part in a shadow day from October to May. There are no fixed days when these are organised. Once you register, the student will contact you to plan a shadow day with you.


Pre-University Calculus (self-paced)
Are you considering doing a technology degree programme after leaving school? Why not practise and improve your mathematics B knowledge with the Pre-University Calculus course!



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