Field of study

As a computer science engineer, you design and develop software to process large amounts of data efficiently and to enable users to utilise intelligent digital systems in an intuitive way. You develop software in such a way that it can be maintained and tested. Computer science engineers work on software for web applications, mobile apps, route planners, robots, healthcare systems, financial services and much more. However, computer science engineers are not only concerned with programming, they are also involved in understanding and analysing software and their results. There are several domains within Computer Science and Engineering, for example:

Software Engineering

As a software engineer, you develop software as part of a team in such a way that it can be maintained and tested. You utilise the latest tools and knowledge to achieve your objectives. You draw up the requirements for the software together with users and clients and involve them closely in the development process.

Data Science

Data is everywhere, but raw data itself has no meaning. The area of the data scientist is translating data into information. For this, you use machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as your ‘own’ knowledge about developing large databases and smart algorithms. You are able to determine meaningful patterns quickly and effectively from the jumble of data we all produce.

People Computer Interaction

People need to be able to work with software systems, so the visualisation of data has to be intuitive, websites need to be well-organised and games must be playable and fun. In other words, your software system needs to be technically in order and usable.

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