Koen du Buf

"Computer Organisation and Algorithms and Data Structures were the modules I liked best."

I have always been very interested in computers and everything associated with them. I went back and forward between computer studies and electrical engineering for a long time. I eventually choose Computer Science and Engineering because I'm more interested in software than in hardware. Although Computer Science and Engineering does cover some hardware, it mainly focuses on data processing, software and algorithms. That’s why it was the right choice of study for me.

The transition from secondary school to university was something I relished. The new, faster pace at university suits me perfectly. The courses are also much more interesting than at secondary school, which means I'm more motivated.

My favourite modules in the first year were Computer Organisation and Algorithms and Data Structures. Although the subject matter in these modules is totally different, I like them best because what you learn really helps you as a computer scientist.

I'm not yet entirely sure what I want to do in my career. I've been considering working as a software engineer at a major company or becoming a white hat hacker. Armed with my degree certificate, there will be plenty of career opportunities, so I'm not worrying about it too much yet.

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