Pravesh Moelchand

"You can put what you've learnt into practice immediately"

Towards the end of pre-university education, I was pretty sure that I wanted to study at TU Delft. I liked the atmosphere on campus and TU Delft's reputation also appealed to me. I'd always been interested in physics and electronics, but after attending Student for a Day events in Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering, I knew for certain that I wanted to study Computer Science and Engineering.

I really like the way the theory is taught. In the mornings, you usually have one or two lectures, and in the afternoons you work on assignments and projects based on the material you learnt in the morning. So you can put what you've learnt into practice immediately. I have no problem spending 40 hours a week on my degree programme.

I see the fact that you have so many different modules in the first year as an advantage. It enables you to become acquainted with the various specialist fields in computer science, such as algorithms and data structures, software development and computer graphics. In the second year, you can then go on to specialise in a specific field.

As from the second year, students who performed well in the first year have the additional opportunity of doing research in the Honours Programme. I'd really like to do that, next year. Research into quantum mechanics and computer science seems like a great challenge to me.

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