Study choice

To stop the spread of the Coronavirus, no get-togethers will be organised until September 1st. This has consequences for the study choice cycle, because we are unable to receive you on campus. Because we really would like to help you make a conscious study choice, we would like to offer you a few online alternatives. Feel free to use any possibility we offer here!

Online trial courses

Are you seriously considering starting the BSc. Computer Science & Engineering programme? Then go ahead and follow the mini courses, taught by Felienne Hermans about modern database techniques, software testing and different programming languages and experience what it is like to be a Computer Science student. You will be guided online by a student, to whom you can direct all your questions.

The programme of the online trial courses normally takes up three weeks and you usually spend two hours a week on classes and exercises. Now we offer you a possibility to start on either April 13th or May 11th 2020 with a faster version of these courses. You follow exactly the same programme, but instead of three weeks, it takes up one week. The regular 3-week programme starts again on June 1st. Sign up here!

Other questions?

Last but not least, you can always send your question via e-mail e-mail en Instagram.