Georgina Lupu

My name is Georgiana-Adina Lupu, I am a 19 year old Romanian and I am a 1st year Computer Science and Engineering student.

How I got to choose this Bachelor? For starters, computers and Mathematics have always been two of my favourite subjects to discuss since early childhood. Since my father works in the cyber-security field, computers mostly surrounded me while I was growing up. I come from a family of engineers in the most part, so my parents also had quite high expectations of me as well, as I believe every parent has for their child.

When I started high school, I entered a Mathematics and Computer Science Intensive English specialization. All of the technics introduced in the informatics classes were implemented in C++ as the main programming language. Throughout the high school years, I also attended a couple programming courses, where I learned Python and Java, and an ‘Introducing to Networks’ module.

I dreamt of taking part in the developing technology world. My favourite subjects in high school were Maths, Informatics and English, so it was not really such a surprise for me or for my parents when I chose to follow a Computer Science programme in another country, and my parents fully supported me regarding my decision. Not only have I chosen to apply for TU Delft, as my first option for studying abroad, my relatives working in IT fields also suggested TU Delft to me because they heard good recommendations about the university from several sources.

My experience at the TU so far has been surprising, may I say. The study is quite demanding and challenging, and you learn things at quite a high pace. My advice to students that wish to apply for Computer Science and Engineering at TU Delft would be to do it, if they are passionate about the field and the challenges that come with it, even if they do not have any experience (remember, you can always learn!). I always believed that if you have the motivation, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. In my opinion, TU Delft offers you one of the best opportunities to enhance your skills in this field area, and you will build great memories from it, as well!