BSc Electrical Engineering

A solar panel, a robot or an implant to help one hear again: without Electrical Engineering these things could not have been designed. This field is continuously working on or towards new developments. Electrical engineers are, in fact, the driving force behind the development of smartphones, electric cars, the latest medical equipment and much, much more.

During the degree programme, you will focus on physics, a whole lot of mathematics and, of course, everything to do with Electrical Engineering, such as electronic circuits, telecommunications and energy supply. Every semester, you will work on a project, in which you can apply the theory to actually design and build ‘stuff’ like a chip or an autonomous robot.

Mandatory matching procedure

Attention: for the bachelor programme Electrical Engineering a mandatory matching procedure applies. This means you have to have participated in all components of the matching procedure to be eligible for enrolment in the programme. More information about the mandatory matching for Electrical Engineering can be found on this website.

Degree: BSc Electrical Engineering

Working language: Dutch *

Starts: September

Study load: 180 EC, 36 months

Faculty: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Form: Full time - on campus

* Books and lectures are often in English