Detmer Bosma

"The study is very varsatile in any technical field."

At secondary school, I never doubted about which university I wanted to go to: it had to be TU Delft. The university is, of course, highly regarded and is known worldwide for its projects and competitions. The only question that remained was which degree programme did I want to do? Purely mathematics or purely physics did not have that much of an appeal. I wanted to do something more practical, because I preferred some ‘manual’ labour. Ultimately, I chose Electrical Engineering, a degree programme that is extremely diverse in every technical field and where you are submerged in a lot of practical work and projects. This is what makes the programme so unique!

I have completed my first year and have no regrets about my choice of degree. It is true that the programme is quite difficult, but that is no problem when you are interested in the subject. Courses like Linear Circuits and Electricity and Magnetism are a lot of fun. The laboratory courses and projects that we do are also very instructive and challenging. We have already made an audio amplifier and we have been working on making a robot ‘smarter’. And there is also a lot to do when you are not studying, such as a study association and a student association, which complete the student lifestyle.

Now that I have found my place here with a whole new life, I want to focus on the future. I might not yet know what I want to specialise in later, but I know that it would be great to work with electric and hybrid cars. I hope to go and work for a large company such as BMW or Google. Because you have to admit that those autonomous cars of Google are really cool, right?