Shea Haggerty

"What I enjoy most of all is the weekly 'Aha, that’s how it works' moment"

Before leaving school, I had major doubts about my choice of degree programme. I not only wanted a challenging programme with enough maths and physics but also something that would help secure me a good job at the end of it. Electrical Engineering seemed to fit the bill and I’m delighted with my choice.

You start with the basics, but quickly gain a deeper understanding of mathematics and electronic circuits. You also learn to program and to apply your knowledge in projects and laboratory courses every week. What I enjoy most of all is the 'Aha, that’s how it works' moment that I experience every week: whether it involves getting a light to work, how a speaker produces sound or how wireless connections really work.

I’m almost at the end of my first year and am amazed by how much I’ve already learned in this field. In the first ten weeks, my group and I had already designed a fully operational speaker system! It’s not an easy study programme and requires a lot of discipline and perseverance, but the knowledge and experience you get in return make it worthwhile.

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