Study costs

Studying costs money; there is no way around this. Apart from paying tuition fees and buying books, lecture notes and handbooks, you will have to allow for rent, insurance and shopping for your daily needs.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are set each year in accordance with the law. Information about tuition fees can be found here.

Computer and software

TU Delft offers you a wide range of hardware and software, as well as granting you access to both the wired and the wireless network. The wired network is particularly useful if you are working with large files. Through the University’s laptop project you can buy a laptop at a discount and download a wide range of software at competitive prices.

You will need a laptop for projects and self-study. There are no requirements on which operating system you will need, Windows and Mac are both fine. You can buy a good laptop via the TU Delft laptop project, which also comes with tech support. This means you can bring your laptop along for repairs and you will receive a replacement laptop if needed while repairs are carried out. Prices for a laptop start at €750. TU Delft students can also buy software at a reduced price. A number of commonly used programs can even be downloaded for free.


You can expect to spend around €500 on textbooks each year. You can buy books at a discount through the Electrotechnische Vereeniging study association ETV. An overview of books can be found on the ETV website. Besides textbooks, you will also need to buy lecture notes and manuals for your degree programme, although these are considerably cheaper.