Transferring to a Masters programme

After completing your Bachelorā€™s degree programme, you can enrol directly in one of the Masterā€™s degree programmes in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Embedded Systems. The Masterā€™s degree programme in Electrical Engineering offers a number of specialised tracks: Wireles Communication and Sensing, Electrical Sustainable Energy, Microelectronics and Signals and Systems. These are two-year Masterā€™s degree programmes and are taught in English.

Wireles Communication and Sensing

You will learn to design the telecommunications, radar and remote-sensing systems of the future. This also includes the associated knowledge of electromagnetic waves, such as microwaves and terahertz signals, signal processing technology, networks, observation techniques and the design of complex systems.

Embedded Systems

You will get accustomed to a systematic approach to design the software and hardware embedded ā€˜under the bonnetā€™ of a device or machine, such as a car, a pacemaker or a robot. Subjects include: chip design, computer architecture, communications networks, real-time operating systems and software engineering.

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