The Bachelor’s degree programme in Industrial Design Engineering is a three-year programme. Each academic year consists of four quarters, each lasting 10 weeks. In each of the first two years, you will simultaneously take two parallel modules of equal scope. Within these modules, theory is alternated with practical exercises and projects. You will conclude each module with an examination, assignment and/or a report and presentation. Within the modules, you will sometimes work independently and sometimes in teams. You will also learn to communicate and present the results of projects. In the third year, you will select a minor and two elective modules. You will conclude the final year with the Bachelor’s Final Project.

Curriculum (concept)

Year 1

In the first year, you will be introduced to the multi-faceted discipline of Industrial Design Engineering. It extends from the societal and commercial context in which you will work, and the relationship between people and products, to your first designs. It also covers the physics of making a design function, and the research methodology needed to do this. Throughout this year, you will lay the foundation for a career in which you will be a versatile expert in all aspects of a design.

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Year 2

The second year is devoted to depth. You will learn to translate a company’s vision into valuable concepts. You will also explore mechanics and electronics for consumer products/services, gain experience in designing interfaces for electronic products and learn to discover opportunities for innovation. In addition, you will discover the possibilities and limitations of the most important process of production and assembly while acquiring knowledge on how to create a model.

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Year 3

The content of the third year is largely up to you. You will take a minor to gain more depth in or broaden your knowledge, in addition to following two elective modules. At the end of the third year, you will combine and deploy all your skills and knowledge to carry out your own research. This is the Bachelor’s Final Project. For three months, you will be working full-time on a design project for a host company, while being coached by a design lecturer and research expert.


In Semester 1 of Year 3 of the Bachelor’s degree programme, you will have the opportunity to spend six months broadening your horizons and exploring a subject that interests you, in the way that suits you best. You will be able to choose between a minor offered by the IDE faculty, minors offered by other faculties at TU Delft and minors offered at other universities. You will also have the option of doing an internship (in the Netherlands or abroad) instead of taking a minor. A well-chosen minor can help you to find the career direction that suits you, or decide which Master’s programme you want to take after your Bachelor's degree programme.

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