Students' experiences

Do you want to know more about students' experiences at Industrial Design Engineering? Read their stories here. 

Laura Heikamp

"Carry out any idea I might have, that’s what I want. There's an idea behind everything around us, and many of these ideas come from industrial designers. I would describe an industrial designer as multi-talented, someone who can work with mathematics and mechanics, and who can devise creative solutions to contemporary problems. In contrast to other TU Delft students, industrial designers do not think exclusively in terms of figures and formulas, but also in shapes and images.

In my case, I chose to study Industrial Design Engineering because of the combination of technology and creativity. For me, it’s a university degree programme, but it’s also practice-based, with both feet on the ground. This study also brings you into regular contact with people from other disciplines to allow you to create a comprehensive image extending to even the tiniest details. The degree programme reflects what we can do as humans, but it also teaches you how to cope with questions for which there is not always a ready-made answer.

I can put any leftover energy and creativity I might have into Delft student life. Delft is a city where students build their own hot tubs, girls repair their own bicycle chains and you can work with your fellow students to design a coffee maker or develop an app.

Even though it might still seem far away to you right now, just like design, your studies will be a process that requires time, patience and curiosity in order to eventually arrive at a perfect product."

Ewoud Veltmeijer

"I started studying Industrial Design Engineering because I wanted to earn a technical degree in which I could express my creativity. Industrial Design Engineering is a perfect fit for me, because it involves a constant search for the best solution.

Although it is not extremely difficult, this degree programme does require a great deal of time. Each week day, I’m in the faculty all morning and afternoon. Sometimes you will have classes, but most of the time, you will be working in a group of about five people. This will teach you how to collaborate with a variety of students.

The busier I am, the more I experience. This is why I choose to do a lot of other things in addition to my studies. In the evenings, I often play sports and then have a beer in the canteen. Sometimes, I’ll have another hour or so of work after I get home, but that depends on how efficiently I’ve worked during the day. I spend most of my weekends at matches or in training, but I sometimes also have to use them to meet a pressing deadline for the coming week. Before long, I’ll be taking my minor modules abroad. After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I’d like to do a foreign internship. After completing my Master’s degree, I’d like to work on a variety of international design projects."

Marieke van Dijk

"Curiosity is one of my traits, and that’s a major advantage in this degree programme. In the Bachelor’s degree programme in IDE, you learn something about everything. I make drawings to analyse the lamp on my desk, determine the strength of my bicycle and obtain insight into the choices that were made regarding the height and adjustability of my shower head. I am eager to master the art of integrating all aspects within a design! Every decision in a product is well-considered, including its appearance, which is related to its marketability, and the use of materials, which is related to both cost and stability. In the future, I hope to design functional products that can really make a contribution.

Outside of study hours, I have time to organise activities in the student association, to take photographs for the study association, attend parties and receptions and even to go jogging during exam week in order to reduce tension."