Field of study

Medical technology is becoming increasingly important in healthcare. Advanced scans and innovative treatment methods enable new diagnoses and treatments, which can detect diseases at an earlier stage and are more focused on the individual patient.

When using complex medical devices, medical knowledge of the patient alone is no longer sufficient. Knowledge of the underlying technical principles and limitations of the device are essential in order to provide an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment.

Clinical Technician

Clinical technology might only be a relatively new profession and still in development, but there are nevertheless adequate prospects for clinical technologists in the labour market. Technology is becoming increasingly important in healthcare, giving rise to a growing demand for technically skilled medical professionals. Clinical technicians have also acquired independent authority and as such are able to carry out medical procedures.

Difference with medicine

A clinical technician is a specialist in a certain medical technology. This expertise makes the clinical technologist part of the treatment team, acting in response to the physician treating the patient who sees the patient first and then requests specific technical medical knowledge.

Difference with biomedical engineering

The biomedical technician or engineer designs medical equipment that is often based on mechanical, electronic or physical principles. The application of the technology on the patient is reserved for clinical technicians. 

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