Career opportunities

In the future, ships and marine installations will have to be even safer, faster, lighter, larger and more efficient. The TU Delft marine engineer is therefore facing a bright future. You have been trained to think critically and to solve complex problems in a methodical way. Collaboration with people from the same and other disciplines comes naturally to you. In other words: graduates from TU Delft have a great reputation. Throughout the world!

Completing the PhD

An academic career begins with a doctoral programme. You will work in an international environment and will continue to deepen and broaden your knowledge over a period of four years through the Graduate School Doctoral Education Programme. Ultimately, you will write a dissertation, incorporating your contribution to science. After you have successfully defended your doctoral dissertation, you may call yourself Dr. Ir. or PhD. The faculty offers various possibilities for this.

Starting work

Many doors will open to you as a marine engineer, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Shipping companies, shipyards, the offshore industry, at ports and transshipment depots, the dredging industry, the Royal Netherlands Navy and oil companies: they all have a need for marine engineers for various positions, whether it is for managing and optimising production processes, for winning new orders or for developing new types of ships and production techniques. Would you prefer to enter the world of research? If so, you can get started at TU Delft or at MARIN, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, in Wageningen. Or you might prefer to enter teaching.