Tim Lelieveld

In 2015 I started studying Marine Technology. I didn't know much about the maritime sector yet, so everything was new. I was amazed at this impressive world! After having completed my bachelor's degree for 3 years, I was ready for a new challenge. I joined the TU Delft Solar Boat Team, a D: DREAM Team of TU Delft. There are 12 such student teams located in the D: DREAM Hall, each with their own product. As the name says, I went for the team that develops and produces a solar boat. For me, this was the most logical step with my background.

Together with your team you are responsible for the course you are going to take that year. My role was Chief Hull & Body and together with five other students in the Hull & Body department I designed and made the hulls and the interior of our solar boat. I would never have been able to do this without the knowledge I gained during the Bachelor of Maritime Technology.

During such a busy and hectic year, you all come across issues and problems. You will join a team with 28 students. Fortunately, you have already learned to work together during your training. After you get used to the team and define the objective together, the design starts and you are faced with design choices. You can apply the theory you have learned in the Maritime Technology course in practice. For example, to determine which hull shape best suits a concept. Think of a monohull, catamaran or trimaran. Will it be a planing boat or a boat on hydrofoils? Thanks to the knowledge I had gained, I knew what options there were and the pros and cons of the different options. Super valuable for your later work.
During your bachelor you will get acquainted with various software with which you can make a boat as light as possible. In the Solar Boat Team I also made intensive use of this software. I was an expert in no time because I already had the basic knowledge of the software and with my knowledge of physics and mathematics I could check the results of the software.

All in all, I already notice how well I can apply my Marine Technology knowledge in the field, especially when it comes to analytical thinking and problem solving. I look forward to the future!