Field of study

Why Nanobiology?

  • Technological advances have only recently enabled us to study Biology at nanolevel.
  • You will be studying at the frontier of an exciting new research field that combines Physics and Biology.
  • You will benefit from the combined expertise of two world class institutions in Delft and Rotterdam.
  • You will have the opportunity to work in state-of-the-art research facilities in a stimulating international environment.

International research

Nanobiology is a rapidly-developing international area of research driven by technical developments and interdisciplinary cooperation. We can expect to see continued advances in methods which offer new ways of studying and understanding the fundamental mechanisms that define health and disease at the molecular and cellular levels.

Society: medicine, energy, food

The Nanobiology Bachelorā€™s degree programme teaches the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to describe and study the complexity of living systems. The programmeā€™s emphasis is on learning to apply quantitative analysis based on the principles of physics. These skills and knowledge will bring about changes which, in the near future, will impact on our society not only in terms of medicine, but also energy, food and beyond. Nanobiology will enable you to contribute to improving society by addressing current and future challenges.

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