Career possibilities

Career Centre

The Career Centre can help by choosing a degree programme or switching to another programme.

As a graduate of Technische Bestuurskunde you can work in many different places.
From the development of a water management plan for the Netherlands, the realisation of a technical solution for queues of passengers at Schiphol to the management of processes in organisations. As a TB engineer you have luggage that is very interesting for business and government. You are good at understanding complex, technological problems and looking for solutions, always in close cooperation with others. The fact that there is a great need for technical management experts is shown by the fact that 90% of TB graduates find a job in their field within six months.


Because of your broad education and your analytical skills, you are wanted at innovative ICT companies, consultancies, financial institutions, energy companies, governments and more. Think of a job as an advisor, project leader, analyst or policy officer. Do you prefer to be your own boss? Then you can consider setting up your own company or start-up. A number of students do this even during the study.

Completing a PhD

After obtaining your master's degree you can also opt for a four-year PhD programme within the TPM faculty. The research at TPM focuses on solving the major challenges in the areas of sustainability, energy, safety and mobility. This requires major innovations that must arise from a combination of technology, politics and social values. This is the starting point from which we operate at TPM to achieve extensive technological solutions, which we call 'comprehensive engineering'. At TPM, engineers, social and behavioral scientists, economists and philosophers collaborate in research into solutions to complex contemporary issues.