BSc Technische Bestuurskunde

Please note that the bachelor's programme Technische Bestuurskunde (BSc TB) is taught in Dutch. More information about the level of Dutch required to start with AP can be found at Dutch Courses.

Generating sustainable energy, introducing self-driving cars, protecting your online privacy or developing artificial intelligence responsibly… technology has a major impact on everything and everyone. That is why there is a great need for engineers who are able to combine their technical knowledge with insight into the social consequences of technology. Technische Bestuurskunde is a study that arose from this question. In the first place you will be trained as an engineer. You will learn to model mathematically to estimate the effects of technological innovations. You will also take courses such as economics, law and organization & management. This is a very strong combination in which almost all major issues are technological in nature, but cannot be solved with technology alone.

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Bekijk onze studie in 2,5 minuut:


Degree: BSc Technische Bestuurskunde

Working language: Nederlands

Starts: September

Study load: 180 EC, 36 months

Form: Full time - on campus