Bachelor of Applied Physics

Do you want to know how protons can be used to cure people? Or how you can produce better solar cells with nanotechnology? Are you interested in finding out whether the quantum computer and quantum internet are possible? You can find the answers to these questions in the Applied Physics programme at TU Delft. In contrast to a physics programme at a general university, 'Applied Physics' is focused on application in everyday and less everyday situations. But make no mistake: an in-depth and fundamental understanding of the laws of nature is necessary. That theory is often very abstract and mathematical.

Watch our study
in 1,5 minutes:

Watch our study in 1,5 minutes:

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Degree: BSc Applied Physics 

Working language: Dutch

Starts: September

Faculty: Applied Sciences (AS)

Study load: 180 EC, 36 months

Form: Full time - on campus

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