Bachelor of Applied Physics

Please note that the main language for the bachelor's programme in Applied Physics (Technische Natuurkunde) is Dutch. Only occasionally English is used as the education language. More information about the level of Dutch required to start with AP can be found at Dutch Courses.

In contrast to a physics programme at a general university, 'Applied Physics' is focused on application in everyday and not-so-everyday situations. But make no mistake: an in-depth and fundamental understanding of the laws of nature is necessary. That theory is often very abstract and mathematical.

Knowledge of physics is the foundation of technological development. In this challenging programme, you deepen your knowledge of the fundamental laws of physics and focus on the technical applications at the same time. You are not afraid to dig deep into the theory and work with abstract mathematical concepts, and you always ask yourself what you can do with it in practical situations. You do this together with enthusiastic fellow students, who, like you, want to understand everything, and with inspirational and internationally renowned top-quality lecturers.

For more information about this bachelor you can continue reading here (in Dutch).