Julia Cramer

Employer: QuTech
Function: Outreach Coordinator
Graduated: 2012
Personal website
(NL) NEMO Kennislink page

Julia Cramer works at QuTech, the quantum institute of TU Delft. During her doctoral programme, she did research on “the bizarre laws of quantum mechanics and how these can be used to create the technology of the future: the quantum computer and the quantum internet.” Julia recently received her doctorate degree. She now works at QuTech as an Outreach Coordinator, while also conducting research into science communication in Leiden.

Cool experiments

“During the first two years of the Applied Physics programme, you spend most of your time getting acquainted with the subject. You can spend part of the third year on a chosen minor. I chose a minor outside of physics, namely science communication, a subject that gives science an identity. I eventually earned my Applied Physics Bachelor's degree with an average grade of 8. During the Master's degree, you get more time to study the subject in depth. I completely focused on cool experiments in the field of quantum mechanics, which was also the subject of my PhD. While I was doing my Master's, I was admitted to the Casimir pre-PhD programme. And with a Huygens Scholarship I was able to study abroad, at ETH in Zurich, for seven months. Thanks to the research proposal I wrote to conclude my Master's degree, I was awarded a four-year Casimir grant to do my PhD.”

Dark cellars

"I have now completed my PhD at the QuTech institute, a global leader in the field of quantum computers and the quantum internet. My research focused on correcting errors in quantum calculations involving quantum particles in diamonds. I spent a great deal of time programming, soldering and experimenting in the dark cellars of TU Delft."

Passion for sharing science

“In addition to doing research, I also enjoy sharing my fascination for quantum technology with others. That is why I stayed at QuTech in a new role: as an outreach coordinator, I share everything to do with our research with the outside world. I also conduct research into science communication at Leiden University as a post-doctoral researcher under Ionica Smeets. In the past, I kept a blog as one of Kennislink’s ‘Faces of Science’. I also won the ScienceBattle twice. The ScienceBattle is a theatrical show in which four doctoral candidates from different fields of research ‘battle’ for the loudest applause from the audience."