Admission requirements

Admission requirements for degree programmes depend on your previous education and your chosen Bachelor’s programme.

Admission requirements per programme

Do you have a Dutch pre-university (VWO) certificate? Take a look at the chart to see which degree programmes match your subject cluster.

Students from higher professional education (HBO) and university-level education (WO)

If you have a propaedeutic diploma in Applied Physics from a University of Applied Sciences, you may qualify for admission to the first year of the programme, provided you fulfil the requirements for Mathematics. This means that you either have a pre-university (VWO) certificate in the subject cluster Nature & Technology, or a certificate in Mathematics B at VWO level 6 (final year).<link en education admission-and-application bsc-international>
More information about entry from HBO/WO 

Foreign diploma

A foreign diploma gives access to TU Delft if it is equivalent to the VWO diploma and subject cluster. TU Delft will establish this after application. If you have a foreign diploma, you must apply before 1 April. The Central International Office can give you more information on this.
<link en education admission-and-application bsc-international>Admission and application.

No valid Dutch diploma

The Colloquium Doctum is a special and strict admission procedure for prospective students who:

  • Are not directly admissible to a university program because of their diploma.
  • As per 1 September are 21 years or older
  • Have a Dutch educational background and have sufficient communication skills in Dutch.

For more information, please contact Contact Centre, with subject: Colloquium Doctum via

Application dates

15 January
Numerus Clausus studies

01 April
With International diploma

01 May
With VWO diploma


To start this programme, we recommend you to have a grade 7 or higher for high-school mathematics.