Admission requirements

Admission requirements for degree programmes depend on your previous education and your chosen Bachelor’s programme.

Admission requirements per programme

Do you have a Dutch pre-university (VWO) certificate? Take a look at the chart to see which degree programmes match your subject cluster.

Students from higher professional education (HBO) and university-level education (WO)

If you have a propaedeutic diploma in Applied Physics from a University of Applied Sciences, you may qualify for admission to the first year of the programme, provided you fulfil the requirements for Mathematics. This means that you either have a pre-university (VWO) certificate in the subject cluster Nature & Technology, or a certificate in Mathematics B at VWO level 6 (final year).
More information about entry from HBO/WO

Foreign diploma

A foreign diploma gives access to TU Delft if it is equivalent to the VWO diploma and subject cluster. TU Delft will establish this after application. If you have a foreign diploma, you must apply before 1 April. The Central International Office can give you more information on this.
Admission and application.

No valid diploma

If you do not have a diploma that qualifies you for admission to a university degree programme, and/or you are 21 years of age or above, you can take the colloquium doctum (a special university entrance examination). For more information, please contact the office of the Colloquium Doctum Committee (

Application dates

15 January
Numerus Clausus studies

01 April
With International diploma

01 May
With VWO diploma


To start this programme, we recommend you to have a grade 7 or higher for high-school mathematics.