Bachelor of Applied Mathematics - Applied Physics

In each year of your degree programme, you attend regular courses of the Applied Mathematics and the Applied Physics Bachelor's programmes. You explore the world of technology and take many mathematics and physics courses - from fundamental to applied. Sometimes you study abstract and theoretical mathematics and sometimes practical physics. The double Bachelor’s programme demands a lot more work than a regular Bachelor’s programme. Due to the overlap in courses between the two programmes, however, students should have no problem completing the curriculum if they work hard.

Degree: BSc Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics

Working language: Dutch / English


FacultyElectrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) and Applied Sciences (AS)

Studyload217 EC, 36 months

FormFull-time on campus

Why choose this double Bachelor's programme?

  • Through this double Bachelor’s programme, you will earn two Bachelor's degrees.
  • After successful completion of the first-year programme, you can continue with either the double Bachelor's programme or one of the two programmes. You are therefore not required to immediately make a decision for the next three years!
  • Personal attention: since studying mathematics and physics at university is very different to studying the subjects at secondary school, special personal supervision (mentorship) is provided.
  • A promising future: the combined programme grants you access to all Master's degree programmes connected with Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics.