Excellence Programme Applied Mathematics

What exactly is the Excellence Programme (EP)?

This is an Excellence Programme in the bachelor Applied Mathematics offering a variety of extras to our best students. In each year, the extras represent 12 ECTS in addition to the regular courses. In the first two years, a number of courses offer an excellence programme module, presenting extra challenges to the students. In the second year, the practical assignments are more comprehensive and include on-site work with industry or other partners. In the third year, the Excellence Programme students take one extra elective in a Mathematics minor, and the bachelor project is 24 instead of the usual 18 ECTS.

Admission requirements

What are the admission criteria?
You can apply for the Excellence Programme when your grade for the VWO subject Mathematics is at least 9 and you have an average of at least 8 for all subjects. If you meet both conditions you will be asked to submit a reference letter and a motivation letter, and you will be invited for an interview.

Are there admission criteria for the 2nd and 3rd year of the Excellence Programme?

To be admitted to the 2nd and 3rd year of the Excellence Program you must meet the following requirements:

  • you have completed the 1st year, including the EP modules, by the end of the 1st year.
  • your average grade for the regular courses is 8.0 or higher.

Students who have passed the first academic year with an average mark between 7.5 and 8.0 can submit a motivated request to be admitted to the Excellence Program of the 2nd and 3rd year.


How do I sign up?
Registration is not difficult: you can sign up before May 1st for the bachelor Applied Mathematics through Studielink. In addition, you must send an email to studiestart-ewi@tudelft.nl before July 1 in which you write that you want to apply for admission to the Excellence Programme. 

Can I enroll at a later moment?
If, during your first year, you feel you could do the Excellence Programme after all, you can still apply to enroll to the Excellence Programme starting in the 2nd year. To be admitted, you must have completed your first year courses including all EP modules by the end of the first year. In this respect it is good to know that the additional EP modules are open to all students.  


Is there additional guidance?
Throughout your bachelor studies you get a personal mentor. This is a senior staff member whom you meet every two weeks. You can ask him/her any questions.

Binding Study Advice

Is there a BSA (Binding Study Advice)?
As an Excellence Programme students, you take the same written exams as the regular students. On top of that, you take separate exams for the additional EP modules. The BSA is based on the grades for the regular written exams. Passing or failing for the additional modules has no consequences for the BSA (it does have consequences for being admitted to the 2nd year EP, of course). 


Do I pay additional tuition fees?
No additional fees are charged for enrolling into the EP.

How expensive are the books?
Information about book prices can be obtained from the student association of Applied Mathematics (W.I.S.V. Christiaan Huygens) They sell the books. For 2nd hand books you can look at boekswap.com.


How many hours will I have to study?
An average student needs 28 hours of study to obtain 1 ECTS point. This means that an average student must study 40 hours per week for the regular 60 ECTS programme. The EP has 12 additional ECTS points per year, bringing the total to 72. But it is expected that excellent students need less time than average students.


Should / can I take a minor?
Some restrictions apply in the Excellence Programme: students in this programme must follow a Mathematics minor. It has two obligatory courses: Philosophy of Mathematics and one so-called Proseminar, which is a course in seminar format. In addition to these, four electives are chosen from the course portfolios of Delft, Leiden and Mastermath. The minor should comprise at least on multi-disciplinary course credited with a minimum of 5 ECTS. Attending master level courses is permitted, subject to approval of the director of education. The study load of this minor is 36 ECTS (as opposed to 30 ECTS for a regular minor).

Master programmes

Which master can I do after the Excellence Programme Applied Mathematics?
After the bachelor Excellence Programme in Applied Mathematics you have access to all masters which are open to students with a bachelor in Applied Mathematics. Currently EEMCS is studying the option of extending the Excellence Programme into its master programs.


What if the Excellence Programme is too much for me?
If you feel you have misjudged the level of the Excellence Programme or the amount of work, you can stop at any time and continue as a regular student with your bachelor studies. It is a good idea to discuss this with your mentor.

Possibilities for students in the regular programme

Is it possible for a regular student to attend some of the excellence programme modules?
The excellence programme modules are open to all students. In order to be assigned to the EP group, you should make your interest known to the teacher of the course.

Additional Information

Is there any additional information on the Excellence Programme?
To get an idea what it is like to study Applied Mathematics you can join a shadow day.

Honours Certificate

Do I get a TU Delft Honours certificate upon successful completion of the Excellence Programme?
If you successfully complete the Excellence Programme within 3 years you will receive a TU Delft Honours certificate. More information about the TU Delft Honours programme can be found on this website.

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