Boaz van der Vlugt

"The focus is on applying the theory in other specialist fields"

Like most other students of technical subjects, the sciences were my strong point at secondary school. I was particularly fascinated by mathematics, physics and economics. But I was uncertain what I wanted to study. I liked mathematics best, but was not sure whether I wanted to focus on theory alone. Applied Mathematics turned out to be an attractive option, because there is a lot of focus on applying the theory in other specialist fields.

I now have no doubt that I made the right choice. In addition to the basic modules, such as Algebra, Analysis and Mathematical Structures, I also spend a lot of time on various projects, and have the option of taking electives from other degree programmes. The pace is a lot faster than at secondary school and you are expected to be more independent and self-reliant. Initially, this made it quite difficult for me, but I stayed motivated because the subject matter really fascinates me.

Personally, my favourite module is Modelling. It is all about translating a practical situation into a mathematical model in order to use it to make predictions. I find this a fascinating process and you work together with other students.

The degree programme is extremely varied, which means it can take you in all kinds of directions with regard to careers. For example, working with data or statistics really appeals to me, and optimisation is another field that attracts me.