Kilian Buis

"In Modelling you work in a group and apply the maths you’ve learnt to reality"

I found it really difficult choosing a degree programme. At school, my favourite subject was maths, but I was best at chemistry. This meant that for ages I couldn't choose between the two programmes. Eventually, I opted for maths because I think it gives you all kinds of different options later on. I definitely don’t regret my choice now.

It takes a while to get used to the pace for first few weeks. Everything is much faster than at secondary school and you’re expected to work more independently. That made it difficult at the start, but also challenging and fun, because you have a lot of freedom.

The programme is made up of a series of basic courses, such as Mathematical Structures and Algebra. You also do Modelling. This subject involves being given a problem that we have to solve using mathematical models. What makes this course such fun is that you work in a group and can apply the maths you’ve learnt to reality.

The Analysis 1 course was even more enjoyable. It builds on what you learnt at secondary school and, for example, involves learning how to differentiate and integrate difficult functions. You do the same in Analysis 2, but with the help of vectors and matrices.

After graduating, I like the idea of becoming a consultant. I’d also like to do something involving optimisation or to get into the world of finance.