Céline Swart

My study choice was based on two things: Open days and my interest in my high school courses. My problem however was that I had a very diverse taste. I liked Maths, Economic, Biology and Chemistry. That is why I went to Open Days in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden and Delft to look at economic, medical and mathematical studies. After some time, Mathematics seemed to be a suitable study for me. Math was the subject I excelled in the most in during high school and I always liked solving puzzles and logical thinking, which is quite handy when you study mathematics. Also, if I chose this study I would still able to apply the mathematics in other disciplines, for example Economics. However, I still needed to decide where I was going to study. I looked at the universities in Leiden, Utrecht and Delft. In my opinion all three cities had great Bachelors for mathematics and so I based this choice on the working environment and the atmosphere in the cities themselves. That is why I chose to study Applied Mathematics at TU Delft: I enjoyed being with the student there, there was a nice campus where I felt at home and also fun student associations to be a part of.