Design Competition 2020: Package dolly

The design project for the first-year Mechanical Engineering students started in February 2020. About 88 teams of approximately 6 students are challenged to design a 'package dolly' in competition with each other, which is capable of transporting a package of 10 kg over various obstacles. The package dolly must offer a solution for the delivery of increasingly heavier packages. The amount of parcel post has increased enormously in recent times, and the current corona crisis only adds to this.

No physical competition, but digital design

Unfortunately, this corona crisis also means that there will be no design competition on location this year (originally on June 17, 2020 in the Mekelpark). Instead of manufacturing their design in the workplace with which they could test the expected performance, students are now asked to further elaborate their design digitally and to analyze it using simulations. This is done with 3D-CAD-design software SolidWorks. Lecturers provide online guidance. In addition, opportunities are being explored to have a number of package dollies physically manufactured by employees of the workplace and sharing the experiences with the students.

Teaser 1: The assignment

Teaser 2: The design

Teaser 3: The production