Adèle Lacombe

Name Adèle Lacombe
Country France
Home university ENSTA ParisTech
Programme Exchange Student
Exchange period Spring 2018


I was impressed by the number of nationalities represented at TU Delft

Adèle Lacombe

Without enumerating the reasons that led me to TU Delft, I would say that my main motivation was to "discover something else". New people, cultures, education method, landscapes, language ... we all have reasons to study abroad.

My home university counts almost a third of international students, but still I was impressed at TU Delft by the number of nationalities represented. To give just one example, my 6 roommates and I were from 4 different continents. A unique opportunity to open up to other cultures, while still living strong moments with one’s compatriots as during the football world cup.

I would recommend to new students to be curious as this country has a lot to discover. To meet people outside of class, the campus offers very good sports facilities and a number of student associations welcome international students with open arms. I think from my experience about associations like ESN, where I took part in some events, or BEST Delft, where I had the chance to meet both Dutch and international students and make very good friends.

Something I would like to bring back to France? Not this Dutch habit of grabbing a quick lunch while barely stopping working, but with no doubt this enthusiasm for bikes, which I won't be able to do without any more when I will be back home.