Honours Community

All students that are part of the Honours Programme Delft are part of the Honours Community, which is represented by the Honours Board. The Honours Board in 2021-2022 consists of the following five members: Umika Bhagole, Eva Noritsyna, Sarvin Sarabi Daryani, Evi Tacken, and Timo Vos. The Honours Board encourages and helps students to explore their opportunities  within their HPB or HPM. At the same time, the Honours Board also has a representative role by  functioning as the voice of HPD students with regards to all educational matters.

The HonoursBoard is committed to bringing students of different faculties together to build an important and useful network. In order to build and maintain this network as well as keeping the students inspired, motivated, and creative, the Honours Board organises a variety of different events like an introduction day, excursions, tours, lectures, and social events. You can find more information about the events on the Honours ProGRAMme Delft.