Honours Programme Bachelor

Challenge yourself!

Good performance is great, but studying should always present a challenge. For bachelor’s students looking for a challenge over and above what their curriculum offers, the Honours Programme Delft offers an additional programme for students with higher than average performance.

Put yourself in the driving seat

Carry out independent research and/or projects, and take initiative; you design a large proportion of the programme yourself. Together with Honours Programme Delft students from other disciplines, you may for example, work on research for a full professor, write a business plan, carry out a project for a company, or organise an academic lecture for fellow students. As mentioned previously: with Honours Programme Delft the initiative lies with you. Because of this the possibilities are endless and very much dependant on your own interests and the challenges you’re willing to accept.


The complete Honours Programme Bachelor includes 20 ECTS (credit points) in addition to the normal bachelor’s programme (180 ECTS). The programme is split into two parts: a collective part, that must be followed by everyone (minimum 5-6 ECTS) and a part comprised of elements from your own degree programme. The TU Delft collective Honours Programme offers a menu from which different components can be selected. These are followed together with Honours students from other degree programmes.