Honours Programme Bachelor

Interested in the Bachelor’s Honours Programme?

Getting good results is great, but studying should always be a challenge. If you are looking for that little bit extra in addition to your studies, the Honours Programme Delft (HPD) offers a challenging supplementary programme for students who perform above-average. The programme is taken by a group of about 180-200 students. You can design much of the programme yourself: the initiative lies with you!

The objective

The main objective of the Honours Programme is to support ambitious and talented students through extracurricular activities. You choose which modules you want to take, and you complete them alongside honours students from other degree programmes.

By participating in this programme you will improve your:

  • Scientific and intellectual development
  • Research and design skills
  • Cooperation and communication skills
  • Self-reflection and self-management skills

All students participating in the Honours Programme are also members of the Honours Community. Would you like to stay involved in the Honours Community and are you interested in receiving the newsletter? Then please contact board-hpd@tudelft.nl.

Practical information

  • The Bachelor’s Honours Programme starts in the second year of your Bachelor’s degree programme and gets underway with the kick-off in October.
  • Upon completion of the programme, you will receive a separate Honours certificate with your degree certificate.
  • The full Bachelor's Honours Programme is worth 20 ECTS, on top of your regular Bachelor’s degree programme (180 ECTS). The programme comprises two parts:
  • If you would like to participate, keep reading to find out about the admission requirements and the selection procedure.

Admission requirements and selection

The faculties have established a set of criteria for determining when students are eligible to participate in the Honours Programme Delft. In most cases, this is based on the P-in-1 (obtaining all the first-year credit points in one year) and an average final mark of 7.5 or higher. You must also be motivated and willing to work hard for it. Check your own faculty’s programme to find out the specific criteria.

Generally speaking, you will be invited to participate in the full Honours Programme Delft if you meet the criteria. As part of the selection procedure, you will be requested to submit a motivation letter and attend an interview. If you are not invited and do meet the admission criteria, please contact your faculty coordinator.