Faculty programmes & contact persons

Faculty contactpersons

For questions, or to register for the Honours Programme Bachelor, we recommend that you contact a faculty coordinator. If you are interested in hearing about first-hand experiences you may want to speak to an Honours student. Send an email: board-hpd@tudelft.nl

Faculty Bachelor/Master Honours coordinator
Architecture (Arch.)HPB and HPMHonoursProgramme-BK@tudelft.nl
Electrical Engineering, Maths & Computer Sciences (EEMCS)HPB and HPMProgramme support EEMCS
Industrial Design (ID)HPBStefan van de Geer
HPMFrido Smulders
Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Engineering and Material Science (3mE) HPB and HPM Judith de Kruijf
Aerospace Engineering (AE)HPBJos Sinke
HPMAldert Kamp
Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG)HPB and HPMMaurits Ertsen
Technology, Policy and Management (TPM)HPB and HPMstudieadviseurs-TBM@tudelft.nl
Interdisciplinair programmHPB and HPM

Patrice Kauw (O&S)

Applied Sciences (AS)HPB - Applied SciencesRonald Hanson
HPB - NanobiologyTanja Hilkhuijsen
HPB - LST and MSTMionne Laman
HPM - TNWPeter Hamersma, Helen Emmerink (coordinator)
Suzanne Karssen-Minekus (coordinator)