Honours Programme Master

Challenge yourself!

Are you a motivated student who can take on more than your regular curriculum? TU Delft offers talented and motivated students the opportunity both to invest more time in their own area of study and to broaden their horizon at the same time. If you feel ready to take on an extra challenge and wish to expand beyond your regular course of studies, the Honours Programme Master (HPM) may provide just that for you! The programme is followed by a group of about 80 - 100 students. You decide how to fill in a large part of the programme; the initiative lies with you.

The objective

The main aim of the Honours Programme Master is to develop talent and initiative. Joining this programme, contributes on four levels:

  • You are taught to master the discipline of your choice and exercise it at a higher level;
  • You will develop a broad horizon and reach beyond the boundaries of your discipline;
  • You will play a prominent role within and outside your discipline;
  • You can make a significant contribution to society.

All students that participate in the Honours Programme will be part of the Honours Community. Do you want to get in contact with the community and are you interested in receiving the newsletter? Please contact board-hpd@tudelft.nl.

Practical information

The Honours Programme Master consists of 20 ECTS:

  • an individual, faculty part of 15 ECTS; The possibilities of how to fill in this part of the requirement, varies greatly per faculty. The idea is that you compose your own plan to go beyond the scope of your standard curriculum. Examples are carrying out a research under the supervision of an experienced researcher, compose your own project at another faculty or university, follow an additional internship or courses outside of your standard curriculum. If you are accepted to the programme, your faculty will require you to submit a proposal for your faculty ECTS requirement for approval. Consult your faculty‚Äôs Honours Programme Master website or the contact person of your faculty for more information.
  • a collective, interfaculty part, consisting of 5 ECTS.
    You are required to choose one of two interfaculty courses:
    • Critical Reflection on Technology
    • Business Leadership for Engineers

Admission Requirements

The Honours Programme Master will stimulate your intellectual curiosity, opinion forming skills and creativity. It will challenge your perseverance, academic leadership, and sense of moral standards. To participate in the Honours Programme Master you should:

  • Be highly motivated;
  • Have good grades (GPA of 7.5 or more);
  • Have passed all your courses.

Lecturers can also put forward excellent students for admission to the programme. Students will be selected by the faculties on the basis of a written application, including a letter of motivation, and an interview.

The Teaching Education Regulations differ per faculty. Take a look at the page of your faculty to see what applies to you.