Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the application requirements?

There are a number of requirements for students who wish to be admitted into the aerospace engineering master programme. You can find a complete overview of admission requirements here.

When do I need to have my English proficiency certificate?

Unfortunately it is not possible to apply without the results of your proficiency in English so make sure that you plan the English test as soon as possible so that you have the results before the application deadline. 

What tracks can I follow within the MSc Aerospace Engineering?

The programme contains six different tracks, covering a wide range of aerospace related topics. Before you apply to the master programme you will have to decide for which track you want to apply, so you can specialise in one of the tracks. Within each track you can later choose specific profiles. You can find an overview of the available tracks on our website.

How long is my admission valid?

Our offer of admissions is only valid for the academic year for which you applied. It is not possible to defer your admission to another academic year. If you wish to be considered for the next academic year, you will need to re-apply. The application period opens mid October. We advise you to visit our website and confirm the required documents as changes in the application procedure might occur. 

Can I start in spring?

Unfortunately, it is only possible to start the BSc or MSc programme of Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft in September. 

What are my study costs?

For more information about the tuition fees and finances, please visit this website.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

For more information about scholarships, please visit this website.

Do I need to know the Dutch language?

It is not necessary to learn the Dutch language to survive in the Netherlands since most people can communicate in English. The Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and all Master programmes at TU Delft are taught entirely in English. However, the university does offer some opportunities to learn the Dutch language for those interested. 

Does the TU Delft offer housing?

Yes, the TU Delft works together with DUWO, the housing organisation, that offers rooms with private and shared facilities. All rooms are fully furnished. On their website you can find an impression of the rooms offered. Please note that there is a limited amount of rooms available.