Track: Control & Operations

The master Track Control & Operations provides a fundamental background in modern flight control, humanmachine systems, air traffic management systems, noise and climate effects, safety and air transport operations research.  

What you will learn

Control and Operations is focused on the through-life operations associated with aerospace industry. It studies the avionics systems of individual aircraft, flight control and flight deck design, airline operations and support (maintenance), air traffic control and air traffic management, airports, as well as the operations associated with air transport as a whole.
By selecting one of the two C&O profiles, the student chooses an educational programme that contains a particular balance of these elements. Theory and practice are combined in exciting and challenging fields of study for talented and ambitious students. You will build experience through courses, practicals, a directed internship and a supervised final research project.
The C&O profiles incorporate a research project that builds on the learning gained from the taught modules. C&O research projects focus on academic quality and the contribution to the body of knowledge in the field.

The Track offers two Profiles:

Control and Simulation

This profile focuses on the design, analysis and test of automatic and manual flight guidance and control systems. Our main goal is to enhance the safety, survivability and performance of aerospace vehicles through creating better automation. The profile embarks with the essentials of systems and control theory, stochastic dynamic systems and signals, real-time computing and flight simulation, and modelling human cognition and manual control performance. Learn more

Sustainable Air Transport

In operating airlines and airports, a large number of (competing) requirements are encountered. These comprise minimizing environmental effects (noise, air quality and climate effects) and costs, and maximizing resilience and, of course, safety. Learn more

The Control & Operations track is one of five tracks within the Aerospace Engineering master programme. On graduation, students receive a Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering (Control & Operations).