The programme provides a fundamental background in modern flight control, human-machine systems, air traffic management systems, noise and climate effects, safety and air transport operations research.

The Control & Operations core course programme provides a fundamental background in operations research, avionics systems, flight control and automation. The profile courses a student attends are associated with one of three sections (research groups) the student has joined. The 3 to 4 additional elective courses are chosen after consulting with the responsible track/profile coordinator. After completing the required course programme and the internship, the student performs the literature survey associated with his or her thesis. The literature survey and final thesis project are performed with the same supervisor, working on a specific project of current relevance to the field. Students are encouraged to  contact prospective supervisors early, as they can aid in the selection of elective courses. All C&O students do a literature study and submit a research paper prior to graduation.

MSc Track Structure

Course Description EC

Core courses

Gain a broad view on a field of expertise

≥ 18

Profile courses

Focus on a particular subfield

≥ 13

Elective courses 

Specialise in a particular area of expertise or add multidisciplinary elements, repair educational deficiencies or address a personal interest*

+/- 15

Literature study

Prepare for the thesis subject



Prepare for the thesis subject



Acquire professional skills during a three-month internship at a Dutch or international company or institute*


MSc thesis

An in-depth research project or design assignment in your subject of choice


*Optionally abroad