Profile Air Transport and Operations

The section Air Transport Operations (ATO) studies the efficiency and safety of aerospace operations through quantitative engineering and agent-based models that predict and optimise indicators such as capacity, cost and safety. It has two knowledge clusters: Air Transport Performance Optimisation focuses on the multidisciplinary modelling and optimisation of key air transport performance criteria such as operational efficiency, capacity, and cost. The two main research themes are:

  • Aircraft Performance Optimisation the optimisation of trajectories, flight plans, efficient operations and airport ground movements. This theme focuses on investigating detailed influencing parameters that need to be optimally incorporated into flight planning.
  • Airline Performance Optimisation this includes operational and maintenance expertise. Operational fields of interest include the optimisation of networks, fleet configuration, fuel economy, and scheduling. Maintenance includes RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Supportability) expertise in general and subthemes such as: reliability modelling, efficient maintenance process analysis and logistics optimisation.

Air Traffic Management Safety Safety focuses on the socio-technical and safety-critical aspects of air transport. Although the potential number of fatalities in air traffic is low, the more demanding aspect of it is the highly-distributed nature of its agents, including crew and air traffic control. This implies a network of interactions between many human and technical systems which pose complementary challenges to safety risk analysis. The basic approaches used are agent-based modelling and analysis of socio-technical systems, including:

  • Safety/capacity analysis of advanced ATM concepts of operations
  • Improving resilience of commercial aviation to disturbances
  • Agent-based modelling of the impact of human coordination on air transport system performance

This research is executed in close cooperation with NLR.

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Profile III Advisor (Air Transport & Operations)

Dr. Alexei Sharpanskykh