The research programmes are identical to the three profiles, for more information contact the professors or consult the three sectionā€™s web sites. Most of the C&O students do their internships abroad at major international companies (e.g., BMW, Boeing, Airbus, Nissan) or research laboratories (NASA, Max Planck, DLR). About half of the C&O internships are organised by the section at which the student has enrolled, using the personal network of the responsible professors. The internship is not necessarily aligned to the C&O knowledge base. On the contrary, students are free to search for an internship themselves, using their own network or with help from the Facultyā€™s internship coordinator. Internships can be done on all subjects of interest, as long as they have an academic component.

Academic Staff

  • Professor J.M. (Jacco) Hoekstra
    Section: Control and Simulation (C&S)
  • Professor M. (Max) Mulder
    Section: Control and Simulation (C&S)
  • Professor G.C.H.E. (Guido) de Croon
    Section: Control and Simulation (C&S)
  • Professor D.G. (Dick) Simons
    Section: Aircraft Noise, Emissions and
    Climate Effects (ANCE)
  • Professor H.A.P. (Henk) Blom
    Section: Air Transport & Operations (ATO)
  • Dr. J. (Joost) Ellerbroek, Profile coordinator
    Section: Control and Simulation (C&S)