Flight Performance and Propulsion (FPP) offers a tailored educational programme organized in two profiles: one focused on flight performance, which covers the domains of aircraft design and design methodologies, and one specific to propulsion and power. The two profiles include different sets of mandatory courses that deepen students’ knowledge in the respective fields. Next to that, a set of common courses is offered to provide the fundamental knowledge necessary to the integration of the aircraft with the propulsion system. These core courses include Aircraft Aerodynamics, Aero Engine Technology, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation. 

Student profile

The ideal FPP student has a passion for aircraft design and/or propulsion and their integration, wants to make an impact on future sustainable aviation, has a multidisciplinary mind, is able to go in depth without losing control of the big picture, has solid understanding of flight physics, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, is strong in mathematics and has good programming skills, is proactive and can work independently. Optionally she/he is interested in performing experimental work in some of our world class facilities, which include wind tunnels, combustion rigs with laser diagnostics, and manufacturing labs to build sub-scaled aircraft prototypes.

Thesis topics

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