Preparation materials

The Space Master track is offered to a range of graduates that are looking for an academic program that prepares them well for an exciting career in the international space sector covering Earth observation to planetary exploration, launch vehicles, satellites and constellations of satellites. The Space Master track offers a common core program and two profiles (specializations): Space Engineering and Space Exploration. Students are required to select a specialization at the very beginning of the program. Please navigate to profile courses to see more information about the different profiles and their courses. 

Bachelor courses

  • Introduction to Aerospace Engineering II 
  • Aerospace Design & Systems Engineering elements II 
  • Flight & Orbital Mechanics 
  • Systems Engineering & Aerospace Design  
  • Propulsion & Power



  • Fundamentals of Astrodynamics, Karel Wakker, 2015  ISBN: 978-946-186-4192 
  • Jack J. Lissauer and Imke de Pater, Fundamental Planetary Science, Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 9780521618557, 2013 
  • .J.R. Wertz, D.F. Everett and J.J. Puschell: “Space Mission Engineering: The New SMAD”. Space Technology Library/Microcosm 
  • P. Fortescue, J. Stark and G. Swinerd: “Spacecraft Systems Engineering (third edition)”, Wiley & Sons 

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Study Guide