Introduction to the programme

EMC is a two-year programme. Students study for one semester at each of the three universities and move between countries as a group. The 120 credit points (ECTS) programme starts in the autumn at Aalto University. After a break, during which the students have the opportunity to complete an internship at a company, students move to RWTH Aachen University and finally they continue the third semester at one of the three Partner Universities to work on a thesis project, which is carried out in cooperation with a company. Upon completion students receive a triple degree from each of the three participating universities.

Programme overview:

During the first semester at Aalto University courses designed to promote the development of an entrepreneurial mind-set of students and the understanding of circular economy, supported by the ‘Circular Economy Design Forum’ (EIT RawMaterials project) take place. Additionally, at Aalto University you will also examine how companies deal with technical challenges in a  business environment, including how these are experienced hands on during the ‘Field Experience and Project in Hard Rock Mining’. Furthermore, you will gain in Rock mechanics and the fundamentals of mineral engineering and recycling. Between the first and second semester of the first year you are able to conduct an internship. The second semester will continue at RWTH Aachen where you learn more in depth about mine development.

The second year starts off at TU Delft. Here the focus lies on courses about  financing mining projects, business modelling, implementation of optimization strategies to improve business cases, while at the same time considering the socio-environmental impacts of an optimization solution. At TU Delft you will be introduced  to  YESDelft!, one of the top tech incubators in Europe. The programmes at YESDelft! Incubator focus on validating and growing promising technologies into successful enterprises.

The second semester of the second year is dedicated to writing a thesis. You will do this in close cooperation with a company.