Amey Vasulkar

I have a Bachelor’s in Mechanical engineering from India and post that, worked as a Design Engineer at TATA Technologies. The field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has always fascinated me which led me to opt for a master’s degree specializing in computational science. I am enrolled in the COSSE program as it caught my eye with the idea of offering two master’s degrees from two different institutions.

I started at TU Berlin where I completed most of my math courses while at TU Delft the courses are more towards my specialization and will go on to write my thesis at the EEMCS department. TU Berlin will offer me a master’s degree in Scientific Computing and TU Delft offers a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics.

It has been a wonderful experience for me, educationally and culturally, as well as on a personal level. I was fortunate to use the best of both universities to my advantage. No doubt, the program has been a bit heavier and I need to work a bit more than the normal master’s students from Applied Mathematics or Scientific Computing, but the gains overshadow the efforts. Another special aspect of the program, which I really like, is the COSSE workshop. It takes place every year at one of the partnering institutions. The workshop is designed in a way to help the current students know the upcoming industry trends and research developments along with providing a platform for the students to showcase their work done in the course of their program.

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