Fernando de Meer

During the last year of my Bachelor in Mathematics at Madrid's Complutense University, I spent many days (and some nights) planning what I was going to do once I finished. The search was frantic, given the amount of choices and the uncertainty that the choice entailed, but luckily everything lined up and I found out about TU Delft and the Master of Applied Mathematics.  I can say that I couldn't be more glad about my decision.

Coming from a Pure Mathematics background, I chose the Applied Mathematics Masters because I was eager to apply all the tools and knowledge that I had mastered to real world problems. Even though I was worried about the change of mind set from pure to applied I found out that my prior education was very suitable and I adjusted to the study programme perfectly. Here the first semester is dedicated to common core courses and from there on you're completely free to choose your elective courses, which I thoroughly enjoy. Starting this month in fact, I'm taking courses about Data Science and Machine Learning as well as other Financial Mathematics courses which I'm finding really challenging and interesting, given the huge amount of applications that they make possible. Here in Delft the courses usually involve doing numerous assignments and projects throughout the semester which give you a great introduction into field work and  what the professional life of a Mathematician is like.

Also Delft itself is the perfect student city, not too big nor too small, It has just the right size to let you concentrate during the exam season and then party your heart out when you're done! Also on the social side, there's plenty of clubs and sports teams you can join as well as a great sports centre with a well-equipped gym right on Campus.

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