Guest and international exchange students

Guest students
If you are enrolled at another Dutch university and want to do modules from TU Delft’s Applied Physics programme that are not provided by your university, you can enrol as a guest student. There are no additional costs involved.
You can enrol as a guest student at TU Delft via Make a new enrolment request for the programme ‘Gast student Master Applied Physics’. For additional information, see the general application procedure of TU Delft for guest students.
Note: If you are a Bachelor student or an HBO Bachelor student and you want to prepare for the bridging programme, you must register for the ‘Gast student Bachelor Technische Natuurkunde’ programme – not for the Master’s programme.

For additional information, contact the MSc Applied Physics programme coordinator:
Mr Arno Haket
Tel: +31 (0)15 27 85582

International exchange students
If you are a student at a foreign university that participates in the Erasmus+ exchange programme or a student at a university that has a bilateral agreement with TU Delft, you can do part of your studies at TU Delft. Please check with the international office of your home institution to see if you can come to our faculty at TU Delft through an exchange programme.
If you’re interested in taking modules from our programme, please check the study guide for details about the available modules. You will be able to compose a study plan based on the modules offered in the current academic year, bearing in mind that changes may occur next year. The latter certainly applies to the scheduling of modules. For information on example course proposals, please see Course Information.
You can also choose to do a project at our faculty (combined with modules, if you wish). We strongly encourage you to take a proactive role in finding a project supervisor yourself. The first step is to contact an academic at one of the departments within our faculty (perhaps someone you have already been in touch with or are planning to collaborate with) and ask for their approval. Indicate that you are an exchange student via the international office of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. You can find more information about the departments of the Faculty of Applied Sciences here.

To apply, follow the general TU Delft application procedure.
Contact the international exchange coordinator for additional information:

Ms. Els Jacobs
Tel: +31 (0)15 27 82744